Modo Fly
What is Modo Fly?

Modo Fly is a band based in Columbus, Ohio.

We're in it for the fun, but only because we're not good enough to be in it for the money. If not for the enjoyment of creating original music that we like, we'd be off playing video games or reruns of Black Adder.

We are available for gigs (preferably on weekends). We have two sets of original material. Our sound is like Rock 'N' Roll Chex Mix. Lots of traditional rock influences with a smattering of funk, metal, blues, hip hop, southern rock, jazz, country, polka (just kidding), and carboxymethyl cellulose. Check out the audio page to see for yourself.

How did Modo Fly happen?

In the autumn of 2000, while drinking assorted alcoholic beverages at happy hours, bar-league volleyball games, and our drummer's Halloween party, the founding members of Modo Fly (formerly coworkers at a web development company) discussed their musical interests and decided to do some jamming together for fun. The very first Modo Fly jam included Brian and Joel, and one of the fruits of that jam eventually became Super Spy Groove.

Meanwhile, deep in the suburbs of suburban suburbia, Steve bought himself the best Christmas gift he ever gave himself (and he's given himself some good ones, I can tell you) - an Alesis QS 6.1 synthesizer. As synthesizers go, it's on the low end. But Steve used it to immediately write and record more than a dozen crappy songs within a few short months. (Technically, only February 2001 was a short month. December and January were rather long, as months go.)

In March, 2001, Steve, Joel, and Brian got together to jam. That jam was unremarkable except that it made clear one important fact - it sucked without drums. Real drums, not synthetic ones. So Bob The Drummer was summoned to provide the percussion, and though the group did not yet have a name, Modo Fly was born in April, 2001.

What is Modo Fly made of?

Brian plays a Les Paul electric guitar, Bob plays the drums, Steve plays his synthesizer, and shortly after formation added a second guitar (Godin LGX) to the sound. All the members play acoustic guitar. Needing a bass guitar, Steve, Brian, and Bob were relieved when Joel volunteered to get a bass and learn how to play it. Man, did he suck at bass on the first day. But if you know Joel, you wouldn't be surprised that he picked up the necessary skills extremely fast. He now plays a pretty damned good guitar-store-bass-lick, and together with Bob provided a more than suitable rhythm section for the band.

How has Modo Fly affected the course of human events?

Despite creating some of the best songs ever written, and almost performing them adequately on occasion, Modo Fly hasn't caused much of a stir in worlds of international diplomacy, corporate finance, or Columbus, Ohio's local music scene, other than to inconvenience a few friends and family by making them stay out way too late in campus bars on Wednesday and Thursday nights. So far, theologians, economists, and social critics alike have utterly failed in their non-existent efforts to provide any explanation for this lack of impact, other than that the band has not really promoted itself much beyond the afformentioned friends and family.

What is the future of Modo Fly, and how will this affect world peace?

It is difficult to say. Some believe that someday, Modo Fly will once again grace the stages of Columbus Ohio's local music scene, and that event will herald the coming of a new era of peace, prosperity, and diet colas that taste EXACTLY like the real thing! Others believe that an audio recording of brilliant original music may find its way into being. Whatever something may happen, rest will happen...or something...or...yeah...

All materials , (P) 2001, 2002, Modo Fly.